Thursday, August 4, 2016

Project 366: Week 29

I spent more of this week sewing than was good for me and probably for my family!  I wanted to try to finish one of #MightyLuckQuiltingClub April challenge.  But we did other things this week, too.  This post is for July 17 - 23.

Sunday: Avalyn was disappointed that she didn't get to make a cake for Independence Day.  She also wanted to try a new technique, candy clay.  The whole cake was decorated while I was away, so was completely done without any assistance.  I am thankful for Avalyn's desire to create and try new things.

Monday: We have enjoyed cherries a couple of times this summer.  I am thankful for the varieties of food available so easily.  What a great blessing to get such opportunities to try such varied fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday: I started to put together the back for my Dr. Seuss quilt.  I haven't really been trying to take pictures, so I only may be taking one or two pictures a day!  I am thankful to have some time to sew!  I enjoy the creative outlet and I love making things that are pretty and useful.

Wednesday:  Keira and Sophia made a fort under a table.  Patrick decided to join them.  Just a moment before his little hand was reaching out from under the quilt  groping for the mac and cheese box.  He didn't really seem to care if he found it, though.  I am thankful for my kids' imaginations.  They love making and playing in forts.

Thursday: This crazy block is what I worked on most of the week!  The goal of the April challenge was to recreate a picture.  I chose a picture Adrian took of an orchid at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  I am thankful for the #MightyLucky quilting club challenge.  Each challenge has stretched my abilities and many of them have felt too difficult to even bother attempting.  Once I start on the challenge, I usually get excited about it and am glad for the new experience.

Friday:  The finished April Mighty Lucky challenge!  I really like this block!  It could be it's own mini quilt as it is 40 inches wide and 20 inches tall!  I am pleased with how it turned out.  I am thankful for God's beautiful creation!  I how that humans can never recreate his beauty and design, but I love trying to capture some essence of God's creation.

Saturday:  Kyle found instructions for making a bottle rocket.  He convinced Adrian to help him make it, and all the kids had a great time shooting it off!  I am thankful for the curiosity of this kid.  He loves to make things and discover how things work.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Project 366: Week 28

I have been working on preparing for the school year by working on getting a meal plan in place and by getting all the classes I will be teaching for Covenant classes planned out.  These pictures are from the week of July 10 - 16.

Sunday: I didn't take any pictures.  This one of Patrick is from Saturday the 16th.  You will find that Patrick on the table is a recurring theme.  Though it is not always in search of food, Patrick loves to climb on top of anything!  I am thankful for this happy and determined little boy.

Monday: Kyle earned a treat for memorizing all of Ephesian 3.  He wanted to go to Krispy Kreme.  Got to love Krispy Kreme!  I am thankful for my kids ability to memorize and learn.  They put me to shame.  I really should put more effort into memorizing like they have.

Tuesday:  We got a lot of new books from the library.  Mercy immediately picked out one that she thought looked interesting and sat down to "read" it.  I thankful for my kids' love of books and reading!

Wednesday: Patrick on the table!  Yes, his pants are wet.  He just came from spilling his sister's cup all over himself and the floor to eat cheerios on the table.  I am thankful that the crazy antics of a toddler are short lived!  (Though I love his craziness most of the time.)  I look forward to the time I don't have to keep all the chairs to the table in a different room to protect whatever is on my table!

Thursday: Sophia made popsicles for everyone from Trader Joe's Mint Hot Chocolate.  I am thankful for my kids love of cooking!  It is fun to watch them plan, prepare, and make food for everyone to enjoy.

Friday: When Keira and Kyle stopped sucking their thumbs, we told them we would get them a treat.  We hadn't really figured out what that should be, so we delayed.  I finally found a stuffed bear for Kyle and a stuffed Iguana for Keira.  Kyle had asked for a stuffed bear for a while, and Keira loves any kind of reptile!  I am thankful that the kids have stopped sucking their thumbs!  That was such a huge thing for Keira especially! 

Saturday: We decided to help the kids make marshmallow blow guns.  The kids have had a marvellous time shooting marshmallows and small pom poms with the guns.  Kyle and Avalyn also made rubber band guns.  We have instituted a rule that the marshmallow shooters can be used to shoot people, but the rubber band gun is to be treated like a real gun.  The kids must remember the rules of safe gun handling with them.  I am thankful for my kids' love of creative and imaginative play!