Friday, September 9, 2016

Project 366: Week 33

So this was a bad week for pictures!  I didn't even take my first picture for this week until Thursday, though I did take several different types of pictures on Saturday.  This post is for the week of August 14 - 20, but will be extra short.

Tuesday:  Taken of Saturday, this is Avalyn's water kefir!  Look at all those bubbles!  I am thankful that Avalyn is excited to help take care of our kitchen experiments!

Wednesday:  Taken on Saturday, this could be any day this week.  The kids, and especially Keira, have taken to making things from duct tape.  Check out Keira's set up!  I am thankful for duct tape and the amazing things that it can do!  I am also thankful that it is cheap and that the kids haven't gotten permanently stuck to my carpet! :)

Thursday:  I finished working on my niece's tshirt quilt.  Her grandmother had made it for her.  She had never made a quilt before, so even though she did many things right, there were some problems with it.  Madison gave it to me to fix.  It took me much to long to get to it, but I finally got it all back into good shape!  I am pleased with how it turned out, and it gives me a strong desire to make my own from concert shirts that I collected in high school and college.  I am thankful for the opportunity to work on this quilt.  As I work on quilts (especially ones for others) I take the time to pray for them and I am glad to have the extended time (and reminder) to pray for my niece.

Friday:  Adrian brought home flowers a couple of days earlier, but not being really interested in taking pictures, it took me several days to get to photographing them.  I love yellow!  I am thankful for the variety in this world and so much beauty that God created.

Saturday:  Keira begs to put Patrick down for quiet time.  She loves to sing to him.  But the only problem is, he weighs about half as much as she does!  I love seeing her carry that chunk!  I made her stop so I could take a couple of pictures.  I am thankful for Keira and her love for her brother.  She is often caring and very thoughtful of his needs.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Project 366: Week 32

Our second week of school went well.  We have a schedule down and things are moving along.  Though the blog, and pictures, aren't a high priority, I am still trying!  This post is for the week of August 7 - 13.

Sunday: Against all odds, I took a couple of pictures on the Lord's Day!  I really wanted to make a pound cake, so I miniature lemon pound cakes for Pot Luck.  I am thankful for the ability to make interesting food and the ability taste wonderful food!

Monday:  The kids have been enjoying making things with duct tapes.  Avalyn made this "wallet" with an 'A' on it.  I am thankful for the kids' creativity and desire to create from anything.

Tuesday:  Keira's Birthday!  She is officially 10 years old.  I love how the sun makes her hair shine in this picture!  There are so many things to be thankful for, but for simplicities' sake, I will just thank God for Keira's life and the joy she brings to us.

Wednesday: We got a much anticipated package in the mail!  We funded our first Kickstarter for the second book in a series that my kids are thoroughly enjoying.  I must admit that I am really enjoying the series as well.  We broke into the box and sat down to read "just one chapter" though that never happens!  I am thankful for the enjoyment of books and sharing good books with my children. 

Thursday:  Thursday has traditionally been our pool day.  I have not really been interested in going to the pool much this year since Patrick hates the water, and I don't like it much myself.  But I went with the family and took pictures.  Mercy was really brave and ventured to jump into the pool several times!  I am thankful for Mercy's adventurous and independent spirit!

Friday: We watched Keira's favorite movie, TinTin.  Mercy didn't like the dramatic scenes and kept saying, "Bad idea, Snowy, bad idea."

Saturday:  Both Keira and Mercy have been using a balance bike recently and have gotten really good at it!  Adrian put pedals back on Keira's bike, and she took off!  I am thankful for her ability to learn and desire to master a bike, though she was scared of it for a long time.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Project 366: Week 31

July 31 - August 6

Sunday:  Though I did not take this picture on Sunday, this was the scene in my dining room on the Lord's Day when we had guests over!  We were still in the middle of rearranging, and had not gotten the bookshelves anchored to the wall until late Saturday night.  But the exciting news is that we now have two extra bookshelves in what will become our homeschool room.  I am thankful for books and the ability to read and learn and to own books!

Monday: We started school!  Sophia started Math U See Alpha.  She is really excited to be doing "real" school. 

Tuesday: After we finished our school work for the day, the kids build a blanket fort in the family room.  They gave me a guided tour in which I got slightly claustrophobic!   I am thankful for such simple joys and pleasures that we get from building and creating. 

Wednesday:  I missed taking a picture on Wednesday.  This was from  Tuesday when I took a bit more time to play with the contrast study.  These three blocks are the last I made.  I ran out of steam.  I planned to make a couple of more with these same fabrics, but I already made several more than what was suggested for the challenge.  I am thankful for pretty fabric and being able to make things with it.

Thursday: I found the way Adrian left his tea bag interesting.  Just the curve of the string and the label set apart from the upright bag.  I am thankful for small pleasures and evening rituals.  (Though mine is usually a glass of wine!)

Friday: Avalyn played with Dash again, but she had trouble with Patrick taking Dash and running away with him!  I am thankful for Avalyn's interest in learning while she plays and I am thankful for my crazy Patrick who loves causing trouble.

Saturday: I tried bottling my kombucha is a growler, and it worked marvelously!  I got a nice fizzy drink.  But then the other growler exploded in the pantry all over every exposed surface, and that ended that.  I went back to non-fizzy kombucha.  I am thankful for science in the kitchen and tasty results!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Project 366: Week 30

I know that I am really far behind in these Project 366 posts.  I have been taking pictures, though not every day.  But as with many hobbies, there have been much more important things happening in life.  We have been preparing for our home school year.  And I have been working on small projects that wouldn't get much attention once we start school.  This post is for the week of July 24 - 30.

Sunday: As is typical for the Lord's Day, I did not take a picture.  This picture of Patrick was taken at the church when we were there for a violin lesson later in the week.  I am thankful for Kyle's violin teacher.  She has been teaching Kyle since he started at 4 years old and since she was 15!

Monday: I started working on the Mighty Luck quilt challenge again.  I really enjoyed the color contrast exercise and the simplicity of the block I chose for it.  I am thankful that I have some time to be able to enjoy sewing. 

Tuesday: We were sad to have to end our therapy time at Kids Creek.  I followed Keira and her therapist through their last session to get some ideas of what to work on at home.  I am SO thankful for Keira's therapist.  When we first met her, I had trouble understanding her as English is not her first language.  But we quickly learned that she loved us and that she loves God.  I am thankful for her kind and encouraging words and her humble and Godly attitude.  Keira and I will miss her.

Wednesday: I didn't take a picture on Wednesday.  Therapist gave Keira and Sophia paints.  So they got to enjoy using them on Saturday.  I love how you can see the pink starting to drip out of it's lid.  I am thankful for color and creativity.

Thursday: A glorious downpour afforded the kids the opportunity to play in the rain.  They love getting out their bikes and scooters and riding through the puddle near the bottom of the driveway.  I am thankful for summer rain and thunderstorms. (Though the kids don't play in thunderstorms.) 

Friday: Another child earned a donut!  I am thankful for little ways to reward the kids for accomplishments.

 Saturday:  We decided to rearrange most of the furniture downstairs as a result of being given a piano.  I really LOVE the new arrangement.  This is the family room after we moved in the couches from the living room and changed the arrangement of the black chairs.  I really enjoy this set up especially for when we do our reading during our school day.  I am thankful for the ability to change and the excitement change can bring.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Visiting the Tennessee Aquarium

Megan and I managed another trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in the middle of June.  We enjoyed a much quieter visit than the time before when it was so crowded that we seriously considered leaving.

We were amazed by God's creation.  The creatures of the water are so graceful and awesome to watch.

Despite the expressions, Kyle and Sophia were happy to get to hold butterflies.

All the kiddos in front of one of the large tanks.

Mercy loves turtles.  This one stopped to take a look at her.  She was delighted!

Kyle loves to climb signs and poles.  

After walking through the aquariums, we let the kids play in the water.  They had a wonderful time!  I did not get many pictures since I was watching over Patrick.