Saturday, July 30, 2016

Project 366: Week 27

This was another busy week, but it was different and enjoyable.  With the holiday, we got to have extra fellowship at church and spend extra time as a family.  This post is for the week of July 3 - July 9.

Sunday:  Every first Sunday our church has a fellowship meal after the morning service.  Since I picked up a watermelon to take, Avalyn asked if I could make it into something interesting.  I decided on a ship, and I must say that it turned out really well!
As just a note for the record, many factors and people came together to organize and ice cream social at the church Sunday evening.  It was such a great time, that several people have asked that the church do it again!
I am thankful for times of fellowship with God's people.  I know that our Lord uses these times as a way to refresh us.

Monday:  Independence Day!  We decided to take the kids to Stars and Strikes since Adrian had the day off.  We all had a good time, especially Adrian who started his first game with FOUR Strikes!!!  I am thankful for times together as a family. 

Tuesday:  For some reason, I didn't take a picture on Tuesday.  I have no idea why, but here is a nice one from bowling yesterday.  I am thankful for times of rest in business.  July promised to be busy and I relished the days of quiet at home!

Wednesday:  We had a quiet day!  The kids and I spent the day reading, listening to Tom Sawyer, and working extreme Dot to Dots.  I am thankful for quiet activities that keep us all happy and occupied.  I would recommend extreme Dot to Dots to anyone who know their numbers because these are wonderful activities!  (My critical thinking classes will be seeing some of these!)

Thursday:  We took the kids to the pool and Kyle enjoyed playing with his ball in the pool.  I am thankful that my children are learning to swim.  Kyle and Sophia are both working timing their strokes and breathing.  Keira is working on holding her breath underwater.  Mercy is working on putting her face in the water.  

Friday:  We have been exchanging date nights with the Presleys since about October.  It has been a nice respite and great fun for the kids.  This month was our turn to watch the kids.  So we pulled out the board games and most of the kids settled into a game.  I am thankful that my children know their cousins and that they have some cousins their own age.  I am thankful that they are friends and enjoy being around each other.

Saturday:  We spent the evening at my parents' home with my brother's family and Megan's family.  Right before we left, one of their neighbors decided to shoot off some fireworks.  The kids enjoyed sitting to watching.  I am thankful for the generosity of my parents and the time spent with my extended family.

Project 366: Week 26

I am not sure where July went, but I wanted to get some things done before starting school again.  I have been working on a lot of different things.  Most of them are finished or mostly done!  I hope to start school August 1.  We will start slowly, but I am looking forward to having some semblance of a schedule again.
This post is for June 26 - July 2.

Sunday: As is usual, I didn't take a picture on the Lord's Day.  This picture is from Tuesday.  Our church hosted it's first VBS in many, many years!  I volunteered to watch the nursery for workers' children.  As it turned out, Patrick was the only child who needed watching.  The VBS went very well.  I am thankful for the work of Ben Castle who organized the whole VBS and all the other workers who did much more than I did!

Monday:  Our chiropractor, Dr. Bolen, has the nicest little garden behind his building.  The kids love to run through it and and play in their dry creek bed.  I am thankful for the chance to see some of God's beautiful creation in this small quiet location.

Tuesday:  Ladies' day at Georgia Gun Club!  Megan, Mom, and I had a girls' night out that started out shooting several different 380s.  One of the workers at the gun club was very kind and gave us personal instruction on our shooting skills!  I am thankful the time away doing something out of the ordinary.  We had a great time!

Wednesday: Michelle Cunningham is a wonder when it comes to food.  She makes beautiful things with food, and the snacks for VBS was no exception.   Patrick tries to "help" organize the snacks!  Again, I am thankful for all the VBS workers who did a great job all week!

Thursday:  Kyle found some large sticks in the yard.  He wanted to hit anything and everything with them.  After trying to keep him away from the dog and the baby, I told him to go hit the trees.  He had a great time trying to break every branch!  I am thankful for Kyle's desire to play and explore.  And I am thankful for the difference between boys and girls and how they play.

Friday:  Megan bought Sophia and Kyle bikes at Goodwill!  The kids loved their new bikes and wanted to try them out right away.  We took the bikes to the street as it is flat and the kids had a great time.  But even though Kyle and Sophia got the new bikes, my best pictures were of Mercy's smile!  She loves her "push bike".  I am thankful for her cheerful smile.

Saturday:  I turn my back for 1 minute, and Patrick is into something.  He is always getting on top of something or opening something and throwing everything he finds onto the floor.  It gets old fast, but I know this time moves faster so I am trying to enjoy it.  I am thankful for this curious little bundle of energy.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Project 366: Week 25

I am amazed at how quickly time disappears.  I had hoped for a quiet lazy summer hanging out at the house doing all the various tasks that I couldn't get done during the school year.  I want to plan out my Critical Thinking classes for the fall and make meal plans and quilt.  Some of these things have gotten done, but with so much outside of our home, I am just getting tired!  I am hoping that I can guard July to be a quiet month, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  This post is for the week of June 19 - 25.

Sunday: We all stayed home from church because Mercy woke up not feeling good.  She recovered quickly, but still fell asleep while we listened to the service.  I am thankful for quiet days and time to rest.  I am thankful for God's people who lift us up in prayer in our times of need.  I am thankful for a wonderful God who hears the prayers of his people!

Monday: Even though Mercy didn't feel well Sunday morning, she was feeling much better during the afternoon.  So Monday, we headed to the Tennessee Aquarium with Megan and her family.  Mercy loves turtles and delighted when this one looked at her!  I am thankful for the ability to see such interesting creatures that live in the waters of our world.  Our Lord is so creative and made wonderful animals!

Tuesday: I was tired in the evening after running around during the day, but I pulled out fabric to try to recreate the photo in the picture.  I am really happy with my fabric choices.  Now I have to get up the energy and desire to try to make this block!  I am thankful for creative people who challenge me in my hobby.  I look forward to trying this challenge!

Wednesday: Keira's horseback riding lessons were moved to Wednesday, so the kids and I took her again.  I LOVE watching her ride.  She is so confident and she has learned so much!  I am thankful for Keira's riding instructor Jackie.  He is so kind and caring in all he does with Keira.  I took us a while to find this company, but I know that God lead us to them as they are a good fit for Keira.

Thursday: Last year, a friend of Adrian's told us about the free Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concerts in the park.  We managed to go to two last year, so we anxiously awaited the announcement of the concerts this year.  It turned out that they moved the location to a different area of Piedmont Park and only did one concert.  The area was beautiful and HUGE!  Adrian's friend got there before us and staked out a place on a hill in the shade and near a path.  It was perfect!  Even though they estimated that over 10,000 people were in attendance, it didn't feel overwhelming.  I am thankful for free events that we can enjoy with our family.  It even turned out that we got free parking!

Friday: I am not sure why I didn't take a picture other than I was tired!  This picture is from Thursday night as we walked back to our car from the concert location.  I love buildings!  I really like seeing them lit up, so this was a special view as we strolled through the park.  I am thankful for moments like this that seem to come out of no where and just make a day even more special than they already were!

Saturday: Apparently Patrick didn't get enough food at lunch.  He stole his sister's food!  I am thankful that my children like a wide variety of food.  Even though Patrick is one of my pickier babies, he still enjoys a large variety!

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Day on the Town part 2: Old Mill Park

We left the monastery early enough to get to Roswell before the traffic got too bad.  It turned out that we got to Roswell a little too early.  So Adrian and I decided to stop at a park we visited one other time called Old Mill Park.  This time we walked away from the covered bridge and headed towards the ruins and the waterfall.  It was an easy walk with some stairs around the mill.

This sigh was surrounded by Kudzu!  Got to love government programs.

The ruin of the mill .

The waterfall above the mill.  There were people playing in the water below the waterfall.  It didn't look very deep, and looked like a lot of fun.  But I am not sure that I would want the kids playing so near it though.

Just a cool pipe running beside the Vickery creek.

As we were leaving the park, I wanted to look at a couple of historical markers we had passed earlier.  We walked a bit to find them, but learned a bit about the history of Roswell.

The Old Bricks talked about the building in the background being the first apartment building in Georgia, and possibly the country.

Roswell Factory talked about the factory that the mill went with.  The history is very interesting.  (You can click on the picture to view it bigger to read the signs.)

We finally headed to Brookwood Grill for a quiet dinner.  We have been visiting this restaurant since we have been married, and maybe before then!  My family has visited other locations of this restaurant since we have lived in Atlanta.  I highly recommend it for a night out without children.