Saturday, July 30, 2016

Project 366: Week 27

This was another busy week, but it was different and enjoyable.  With the holiday, we got to have extra fellowship at church and spend extra time as a family.  This post is for the week of July 3 - July 9.

Sunday:  Every first Sunday our church has a fellowship meal after the morning service.  Since I picked up a watermelon to take, Avalyn asked if I could make it into something interesting.  I decided on a ship, and I must say that it turned out really well!
As just a note for the record, many factors and people came together to organize and ice cream social at the church Sunday evening.  It was such a great time, that several people have asked that the church do it again!
I am thankful for times of fellowship with God's people.  I know that our Lord uses these times as a way to refresh us.

Monday:  Independence Day!  We decided to take the kids to Stars and Strikes since Adrian had the day off.  We all had a good time, especially Adrian who started his first game with FOUR Strikes!!!  I am thankful for times together as a family. 

Tuesday:  For some reason, I didn't take a picture on Tuesday.  I have no idea why, but here is a nice one from bowling yesterday.  I am thankful for times of rest in business.  July promised to be busy and I relished the days of quiet at home!

Wednesday:  We had a quiet day!  The kids and I spent the day reading, listening to Tom Sawyer, and working extreme Dot to Dots.  I am thankful for quiet activities that keep us all happy and occupied.  I would recommend extreme Dot to Dots to anyone who know their numbers because these are wonderful activities!  (My critical thinking classes will be seeing some of these!)

Thursday:  We took the kids to the pool and Kyle enjoyed playing with his ball in the pool.  I am thankful that my children are learning to swim.  Kyle and Sophia are both working timing their strokes and breathing.  Keira is working on holding her breath underwater.  Mercy is working on putting her face in the water.  

Friday:  We have been exchanging date nights with the Presleys since about October.  It has been a nice respite and great fun for the kids.  This month was our turn to watch the kids.  So we pulled out the board games and most of the kids settled into a game.  I am thankful that my children know their cousins and that they have some cousins their own age.  I am thankful that they are friends and enjoy being around each other.

Saturday:  We spent the evening at my parents' home with my brother's family and Megan's family.  Right before we left, one of their neighbors decided to shoot off some fireworks.  The kids enjoyed sitting to watching.  I am thankful for the generosity of my parents and the time spent with my extended family.

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