Friday, July 1, 2016

A Day on the Town part 2: Old Mill Park

We left the monastery early enough to get to Roswell before the traffic got too bad.  It turned out that we got to Roswell a little too early.  So Adrian and I decided to stop at a park we visited one other time called Old Mill Park.  This time we walked away from the covered bridge and headed towards the ruins and the waterfall.  It was an easy walk with some stairs around the mill.

This sigh was surrounded by Kudzu!  Got to love government programs.

The ruin of the mill .

The waterfall above the mill.  There were people playing in the water below the waterfall.  It didn't look very deep, and looked like a lot of fun.  But I am not sure that I would want the kids playing so near it though.

Just a cool pipe running beside the Vickery creek.

As we were leaving the park, I wanted to look at a couple of historical markers we had passed earlier.  We walked a bit to find them, but learned a bit about the history of Roswell.

The Old Bricks talked about the building in the background being the first apartment building in Georgia, and possibly the country.

Roswell Factory talked about the factory that the mill went with.  The history is very interesting.  (You can click on the picture to view it bigger to read the signs.)

We finally headed to Brookwood Grill for a quiet dinner.  We have been visiting this restaurant since we have been married, and maybe before then!  My family has visited other locations of this restaurant since we have lived in Atlanta.  I highly recommend it for a night out without children.

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