Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sophia is Reading!!!

Sophia has been working hard at reading.  So when we had some time to spare, Sophia climbed up on Adrian's lap to read to him.  She gets very excited about reading!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Park Hopping: Bunten Road Park

On a particularly cool morning in August, Megan and I decided to have a short park day.  The weather was nice with lower temperatures and slightly less humidity.  The kids had a great time exploring Bunten Road Park since the equipment had been changed since we went there several years ago.

The favorite feature at the park was this web swing.  All the kids loved playing on it!

I liked these little signs on the playground equipment.  I saw this train and also a car.

The little girls liked this caged spinner.

Kyle conquered the climbing wall.

Sophia took to the climbing call like a pro, even though she had flip flops on!

 I love this picture of Mercy sizing up the ladder she is on!

Mercy cheered for herself when she made it to the top!

Avalyn and Clayton climbed the outside of the tall slides. 

This spinner was difficult for the kids to get onto as it was so tall!  Megan lifted them up to hold on, then spun them around.  PaigeEE was really concentrated on holding on tight!

The kids got the web swing really going!

We managed to get all the kids on the swing.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Project 365: week 37

Though I haven't been posting as frequently, I still have been taking pictures.  I haven't managed every day, and I don't even have any to make up for the misses!  But that is ok, I'll continue on and see how I do.  This is for the week of September 6.

Sunday: Patrick is on his hands and knees rocking!

Monday: missed

Tuesday: Keira lined her horses up on the window.  I remembered to take a picture right before she went to bed, so I took three shots and called it a night.  The next day, I realized that none were quite in focus!

Wednesday: The joy of playing in the rain!

Thursday: missed

Friday: Keira helped Patrick play the little piano.

Saturday: We travelled to Florida for our vacation, and I didn't take any pictures the day we arrived!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Park Hopping: The Presley's Cul-de-sac

On Thursday, August 20, Megan and I had planned to take the kids to a park that sounds like a ton of fun (and stress for me) as it involves water and kids.  But because Patrick hasn't been sleeping, we cancelled those plans because I didn't think I could handle watching all the kids on almost no sleep.  Instead of the park, we decided to go to Megan's house so the kids could ride bikes and play together!

We got a group shot, but it quickly degenerated to the silly!

Clayton did a great job on the pogo stick!  

Keira and Cheyenne had a lot of fun using the jump ropes as ropes and dragging things around.

Kyle and Sophia loved riding their bikes.

Avalyn was so kind in pulling Mercy in the wagon.

Mercy tried to pull Avalyn in the wagon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Project 365: Week 36

{I haven't posted in about two weeks because I was having trouble with blogger.  It would not allow me to upload pictures!  It seems to be working now, so hopefully I can get caught up again.}

I think I missed one day this past week!  Maybe I'm getting into the swing of things again now that school has started.

Sunday: Tie dyed paper towels from when we dyed gifts for some friends.  The paper towels looked so cool, we kept them to hang up as art, but they have not found their place yet.

Monday: We inherited a fire extinguisher when we bought our home 9 years ago.  I called the manufacturer on Monday to see if it could be recharged.  They said that because of the style fire extinguisher we had, it could not be, so to discharge it and then call the fire department about disposal.  The kids really enjoyed watching the powder shot out of the extinguisher.  I am really thankful that we have never had to use one of these in our home because it made a large miss in the yard!

Tuesday: I missed.  We have been completely cleaning out our pantry/laundry room.  We are blessed to have a LARGE space, but that seems to present us with some problems.  So we took EVERYTHING out of the pantry and slowly (over the course of the week), we threw things away, made a goodwill pile, and put things back where we wanted them to go.  During the process, we founds some interesting things, like a popcorn cob.  It was a corn cob that was designed to be put in a bag and popped in the microwave.  We popped it up for the kids, and they thought it was really neat.

Wednesday: During the pantry cleaning, we found some beef hide "bones" for Dylan.  We gave him one and he really LOVED it.  It was so distracting and fun for him, that he didn't even mind Patrick petting him!

Thursday: Classes day!  This is a long day for the little kiddos.  Early in the day, we went to Costco.  Patrick set in the shopping cart for the second time ever!

Friday: Adrian's car had some major problems a while back.  We paid to have some repairs done, but that didn't help.  Adrian couldn't bring himself to part with the car, so it sat in the garage for a month or two.   On Friday, we found ourselves with a free evening, so took the car to CarMax to sell it.  Unfortunately, they did not give us much for it, but we are glad to be rid of it.  We are now a two car (van) family again.
Adrian has had the car since before we got married in 2004!

Saturday: Avalyn marking some bills for WheresGeorge.com.  We have had fun tracking some of our $1 bills for a month or two!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Project 365: Week 35

{I haven't posted in about two weeks because I was having trouble with blogger.  It would not allow me to upload pictures!  It seems to be working now, so hopefully I can get caught up again.}

The past three weeks have been hard as Patrick went from sleeping 8 - 9 hours at night to only sleeping 3 - 4 hours at a time during the night.  I keep telling myself that this is just a short time in life, but I have a hard time doing anything when I am tired.  I have managed this week, but photography was not high on the list.

Sunday: I missed this one, so this picture is from Keira's riding lesson on Tuesday.  I love Kyle cuddling up  to his brother!

Monday: Patrick discovered a toy!

Tuesday: Due to a long list of unforseen events, I ended up taking Keira to her riding lesson with all the kids in tow.  The day was gorgeous, and we enjoyed being outside and watching Keira.  Here she is riding on Sabo.

Wednesday: It was another glorious day with cool temperatures and low humidity.  We had a short park day with the Presleys to enjoy it!

Thursday: The start of classes at the church.  The kids were incredible excited.  This is Keira's first year taking classes!

Friday: I missed this one.   This picture is from a quick cemetery stop with Keira after her well check at the doctor.

 Saturday: A really busy day, so I missed this day, too.  This was the picture I has planned to take, but never found the time.  I took this one on Sunday.  Adrian bought me these beautiful vibrant yellow flowers!