Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Project 365: Week 36

{I haven't posted in about two weeks because I was having trouble with blogger.  It would not allow me to upload pictures!  It seems to be working now, so hopefully I can get caught up again.}

I think I missed one day this past week!  Maybe I'm getting into the swing of things again now that school has started.

Sunday: Tie dyed paper towels from when we dyed gifts for some friends.  The paper towels looked so cool, we kept them to hang up as art, but they have not found their place yet.

Monday: We inherited a fire extinguisher when we bought our home 9 years ago.  I called the manufacturer on Monday to see if it could be recharged.  They said that because of the style fire extinguisher we had, it could not be, so to discharge it and then call the fire department about disposal.  The kids really enjoyed watching the powder shot out of the extinguisher.  I am really thankful that we have never had to use one of these in our home because it made a large miss in the yard!

Tuesday: I missed.  We have been completely cleaning out our pantry/laundry room.  We are blessed to have a LARGE space, but that seems to present us with some problems.  So we took EVERYTHING out of the pantry and slowly (over the course of the week), we threw things away, made a goodwill pile, and put things back where we wanted them to go.  During the process, we founds some interesting things, like a popcorn cob.  It was a corn cob that was designed to be put in a bag and popped in the microwave.  We popped it up for the kids, and they thought it was really neat.

Wednesday: During the pantry cleaning, we found some beef hide "bones" for Dylan.  We gave him one and he really LOVED it.  It was so distracting and fun for him, that he didn't even mind Patrick petting him!

Thursday: Classes day!  This is a long day for the little kiddos.  Early in the day, we went to Costco.  Patrick set in the shopping cart for the second time ever!

Friday: Adrian's car had some major problems a while back.  We paid to have some repairs done, but that didn't help.  Adrian couldn't bring himself to part with the car, so it sat in the garage for a month or two.   On Friday, we found ourselves with a free evening, so took the car to CarMax to sell it.  Unfortunately, they did not give us much for it, but we are glad to be rid of it.  We are now a two car (van) family again.
Adrian has had the car since before we got married in 2004!

Saturday: Avalyn marking some bills for WheresGeorge.com.  We have had fun tracking some of our $1 bills for a month or two!

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