Monday, September 28, 2015

Park Hopping: Bunten Road Park

On a particularly cool morning in August, Megan and I decided to have a short park day.  The weather was nice with lower temperatures and slightly less humidity.  The kids had a great time exploring Bunten Road Park since the equipment had been changed since we went there several years ago.

The favorite feature at the park was this web swing.  All the kids loved playing on it!

I liked these little signs on the playground equipment.  I saw this train and also a car.

The little girls liked this caged spinner.

Kyle conquered the climbing wall.

Sophia took to the climbing call like a pro, even though she had flip flops on!

 I love this picture of Mercy sizing up the ladder she is on!

Mercy cheered for herself when she made it to the top!

Avalyn and Clayton climbed the outside of the tall slides. 

This spinner was difficult for the kids to get onto as it was so tall!  Megan lifted them up to hold on, then spun them around.  PaigeEE was really concentrated on holding on tight!

The kids got the web swing really going!

We managed to get all the kids on the swing.

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