Monday, July 4, 2016

Project 366: Week 25

I am amazed at how quickly time disappears.  I had hoped for a quiet lazy summer hanging out at the house doing all the various tasks that I couldn't get done during the school year.  I want to plan out my Critical Thinking classes for the fall and make meal plans and quilt.  Some of these things have gotten done, but with so much outside of our home, I am just getting tired!  I am hoping that I can guard July to be a quiet month, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  This post is for the week of June 19 - 25.

Sunday: We all stayed home from church because Mercy woke up not feeling good.  She recovered quickly, but still fell asleep while we listened to the service.  I am thankful for quiet days and time to rest.  I am thankful for God's people who lift us up in prayer in our times of need.  I am thankful for a wonderful God who hears the prayers of his people!

Monday: Even though Mercy didn't feel well Sunday morning, she was feeling much better during the afternoon.  So Monday, we headed to the Tennessee Aquarium with Megan and her family.  Mercy loves turtles and delighted when this one looked at her!  I am thankful for the ability to see such interesting creatures that live in the waters of our world.  Our Lord is so creative and made wonderful animals!

Tuesday: I was tired in the evening after running around during the day, but I pulled out fabric to try to recreate the photo in the picture.  I am really happy with my fabric choices.  Now I have to get up the energy and desire to try to make this block!  I am thankful for creative people who challenge me in my hobby.  I look forward to trying this challenge!

Wednesday: Keira's horseback riding lessons were moved to Wednesday, so the kids and I took her again.  I LOVE watching her ride.  She is so confident and she has learned so much!  I am thankful for Keira's riding instructor Jackie.  He is so kind and caring in all he does with Keira.  I took us a while to find this company, but I know that God lead us to them as they are a good fit for Keira.

Thursday: Last year, a friend of Adrian's told us about the free Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concerts in the park.  We managed to go to two last year, so we anxiously awaited the announcement of the concerts this year.  It turned out that they moved the location to a different area of Piedmont Park and only did one concert.  The area was beautiful and HUGE!  Adrian's friend got there before us and staked out a place on a hill in the shade and near a path.  It was perfect!  Even though they estimated that over 10,000 people were in attendance, it didn't feel overwhelming.  I am thankful for free events that we can enjoy with our family.  It even turned out that we got free parking!

Friday: I am not sure why I didn't take a picture other than I was tired!  This picture is from Thursday night as we walked back to our car from the concert location.  I love buildings!  I really like seeing them lit up, so this was a special view as we strolled through the park.  I am thankful for moments like this that seem to come out of no where and just make a day even more special than they already were!

Saturday: Apparently Patrick didn't get enough food at lunch.  He stole his sister's food!  I am thankful that my children like a wide variety of food.  Even though Patrick is one of my pickier babies, he still enjoys a large variety!

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