Monday, September 5, 2016

Project 366: Week 31

July 31 - August 6

Sunday:  Though I did not take this picture on Sunday, this was the scene in my dining room on the Lord's Day when we had guests over!  We were still in the middle of rearranging, and had not gotten the bookshelves anchored to the wall until late Saturday night.  But the exciting news is that we now have two extra bookshelves in what will become our homeschool room.  I am thankful for books and the ability to read and learn and to own books!

Monday: We started school!  Sophia started Math U See Alpha.  She is really excited to be doing "real" school. 

Tuesday: After we finished our school work for the day, the kids build a blanket fort in the family room.  They gave me a guided tour in which I got slightly claustrophobic!   I am thankful for such simple joys and pleasures that we get from building and creating. 

Wednesday:  I missed taking a picture on Wednesday.  This was from  Tuesday when I took a bit more time to play with the contrast study.  These three blocks are the last I made.  I ran out of steam.  I planned to make a couple of more with these same fabrics, but I already made several more than what was suggested for the challenge.  I am thankful for pretty fabric and being able to make things with it.

Thursday: I found the way Adrian left his tea bag interesting.  Just the curve of the string and the label set apart from the upright bag.  I am thankful for small pleasures and evening rituals.  (Though mine is usually a glass of wine!)

Friday: Avalyn played with Dash again, but she had trouble with Patrick taking Dash and running away with him!  I am thankful for Avalyn's interest in learning while she plays and I am thankful for my crazy Patrick who loves causing trouble.

Saturday: I tried bottling my kombucha is a growler, and it worked marvelously!  I got a nice fizzy drink.  But then the other growler exploded in the pantry all over every exposed surface, and that ended that.  I went back to non-fizzy kombucha.  I am thankful for science in the kitchen and tasty results!

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