Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Zoo Atlanta

Our family was given a family membership to Zoo Atlanta for Christmas.  We made a family trip on January 17.  Mercy didn't remember the last time we went to the zoo, so it was fun to watch her see all the animals for the first time!  Adrian took all these pictures except of the ones of with him in them and the two of Sophia.

Checking out the flamingos!

Playing on the lion statues!

 Adrian helping Mercy see the Warthogs.

Kyle said that this gorilla looked menacing.  I agree!

Sophia being herself!

The Red Panda is so cute!

 Adrian helps Kyle get a picture of the Tanuki.

I think I have a picture of Kyle in this same position from every time we have gone to the zoo!

Beautiful Keira!

 Mercy being silly!

 Adrian was walking with Mercy around the island with the lion statues.  Suddenly, Mercy decided she did not want to walk around anymore.  I love this picture with each of them trying to point out what they want.  Mercy won and went her way!

We had a great day!  The weather was nice, and even though it was a Saturday, it wasn't too crowded. 

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