Saturday, April 11, 2015

Project 365: Week 15 Kyle

As I stated last week, I continued the Adventures of Mr. Turtle to the end of the week, so that I could start a different series this week.  My goal this week was to take a picture of Kyle every day.  Next week (starting tomorrow), I'll take a picture of a different child every day for that week.  (Unless the baby makes his appearance, which I think will throw me off.)  And I will continue with that until all the kids have had a week of pictures.

All ready for church:

Reading his Bible:

Working on Critical Thinking:

 Picking paint off the wall near the zoo:

The is the best smile we have ever gotten from Kyle when he is in front of the camera!  (He had just shot Sophia with the water gun!)

Not sure way this face, but it sure is cute!

A boy and his dog (and an extra bruise on his head):


  1. Oh, my! That poor bruise! :( That red wall looks perfect for pictures- I'm so drawn to urban settings! Chipping paint is great! :)

  2. I am with you, Heather! My brother has been going to Atlanta a lot recently to take pictures, and I really wish that I could go along for some creative photography!