Thursday, April 9, 2015

Zoo Atlanta during Spring Break

I must be crazy!  I decided to take 5 kids to the zoo 4 days before my baby is due during spring break.  In my defense, we are a part of a zoo program where if we go at least once a month, the kids get stamps in a passport and earn prizes.  This month (month 4), they earned a t-shirt.  I didn't want them to have to wait until next month to get their stamp.  Also we just don't know when this baby will make his entrance into the world and when I will be ready to go to the zoo again.
Anyway, fast forward through the bad wreck that caused us to be to about 30 minutes later to the zoo than we had planned, and past circling all the residential streets around the zoo parking lot in hopes of finding street parking close enough that I could walk to the zoo (with about 30 or more other cars), and past the massive lines of people.  We managed to get our passports stamped, t-shirts for all the kids, and walk through the new reptile house before heading home again.

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