Friday, November 13, 2015

Project 365: Week 45

It is November!  As is a normal theme for November, I am planning to take pictures of things I'm thankful for.  This post is for Nov. 1- 7.

Sunday: I am thankful for being able to listen to sermons from all of world and from our own pastor even when I am home with a sick child.

 Monday: I am thankful for my kids' creativity. Kyle build a knex ferris wheel and wanted the LEGO men to go for a ride, but they would not stay on the seats.  He just hung them over the bar so the got a different kind of ferris wheel ride!

Tuesday: I am thankful for color!  I love color in nature, especially in fall!

Wednesday:  I am thankful for my family.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who provides for all of us.  God has given me charge of 6 little ones to raise for his glory.  It is such a wonderful blessing, but a monumental task. 

Thursday: I am thankful for my children's love of learning!  After a full day of school, they happily built and programmed their LEGO creations through the Library's LEGO WeDo education program.

Friday: I missed Friday as I was busy running errands and then hang going to our church's annual Ladies' Retreat.  This picture is from Wednesday.  I am thankful for God's creativity in nature.  We saw many lichen when we were "hiking" on Wednesday.  They were all different colors and shapes and they were all beautiful.

Saturday: As we headed back home after the Ladies' Retreat (I drove my mom and Megan), we stopped at Sky Lake because the reflection in the lake was so clear.  I am thankful that God is an arist and he does all thinks well.  Can you imagine a God that was lazy and just wanted to finish the task of creating and so painted the whole world green?  No, our God is awesome and created so many colors and layers of texture and beauty in all things that he made!  I am thankful for the ability to see and appreciate this beauty God created.

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