Monday, November 23, 2015

Project 365: Week 46

During the second week of November, we dealt with asthma, colds, and breathing difficulties.  Kyle started struggling with his breathing just before Halloween, then Patrick started having trouble and was put on nebulizer medicine, and finally the other kids got little symptoms of a cold.  This is for week Nov. 8 - 14.

Sunday: (I didn't take any pictures on Sunday.  I stayed home from church with Kyle in order to give him breathing treatments.)  This picture is from later in the week.  I am thankful for a little down time to prop my feel up and hand sew some more binding down on my special quilt.

Monday: (Again I didn't take any pictures.  Adrian took the day off from IBM to do some work on our duplex.  He left shortly before lunch, and was gone until after 9 pm.)  I am thankful for my husband being willing to work hard and put in long hours.    I am also thankful for such a beautiful display of color!  The Lord is good.

Tuesday: Again Adrian worked at the duplex, so I decided to put together a more complicated meal for dinner.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to cook and create wonderful meals.  I am thankful that we have access to so much variety of food, and I am thankful for our friends, the Cunninghams, who shared this awesome recipe for Chicken Alfredo!

Wednesday: Avalyn and Kyle have been making a fort in the backyard under one of the bushy trees.  They found this tree branch that forked into three sections.  Kyle sawed it off, and Avalyn wove yarn around it to make a bowl for their fort!  I am thankful for their ingenuity and willingness to work hard to accomplish things that they want to do.

Thursday:  I am so thankful to be able to feed my family, even on days when it is hard to think about putting anything together.  I LOVE freezer cooking and even though I don't use this book too often, I love the idea behind it, and have used idea for many years.  I am also thankful for a full freezer with many meals that can be pulled out when we are in need of a quick meal.

Friday:  I ended up taking Patrick to the doctor for breathing difficulties due to a cold on Wednesday.  He was diagnosed with RSV, given a steroid, and nebulizer medicine.  I am thankful for breathing medicine!  I'm thankful that we have ways to help children fight through these colds that can cause such problems.  And I am thankful for big sisters who love to help!

Saturday: I am thankful for little hands that always want to help!  Mercy caught the cold (RSV) that the others had, but she really wanted to help shred the meat.  Adrian found a mask that she could wear so she wouldn't cough all over the food!

 Bonus: I really like this picture!  I made my first tinctures this week.  The herbal mixes look really  pretty!  Now they are steeping waiting for the time when they can be used.

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