Sunday, August 16, 2015

Project 365: Week 33

This week was a really busy one as we started school last week and tried to continue well for our second week.  It can be hard to get it all done!  I just keep trying and with the Lord's help, we will get it finished.

I missed Sunday, but Adrian bought me these pretty flowers on Monday!

Monday: Dylan got himself stuck in the handle of a bag.

Tuesday: Kyle had fun playing with Kapla blocks and wanted his Deedee to sit in the chair he made.

Wednesday: My in-laws came for a couple of days to visit and to rest.  I cooked an amazing recipe that looked beautiful and tasted even better than it looked!

Thursday: Kyle made two cats with the Kapla blocks.

Friday: I bought some pop ice molds and Avalyn made the first mix for the dessert Friday night.   She made orange creamcicle.

Saturday: More pictures of my flowers

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