Monday, July 27, 2015

Balance Bike

We discovered balance bikes when Sophia was getting ready to learn to ride bikes.  I think that they are the most wonderful way to teach kids to ride.  Instead of teaching them to pedal first and then balance as train wheels do, a balance bike teaches kids to balance first and then learn to pedal.  The kids that use them seem to learn to ride much earlier than those that learn with training wheels.
We found out too late about the balance bike to use it to teach Keira to ride her bike.  She is also a worrier, so she is more scared of falling than some kids.  Adrian found some tutorials and youtube videos on how to convert a regular bike to a balance bike and made Keira a balance bike!


  1. That's neat that you could convert a regular size bike! Paige still loves trying to get on the balance bike we have, but it's so small. Maybe I should take our extra bike and make a larger version as well!

    1. Adrian and Kyle did it fairly easily, so I am sure you could for PaigeEE.