Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Park Hopping: Rolater Park

Thursday a week ago, Mom and Megan with her kids met at our house for our first "long" park day.  We headed to Rolater Park in Cave Spring, Ga.  It is almost 2 hours from our house, but boasted a cave and a creek.  As we drove up, we saw a natural swimming pool!  Megan and I oogled over the pool!  It turns out that the natural spring feeds a large pond and a canal that leads to the pool.  Before the spring fills the pond, it has a small grated area for people to fill there water jugs to get as much natural spring water as they like.  We talked to a lady who said she and her husband drove 2 hours to this spring once a month to fill their jugs! 

We arrived at the park just at lunch time.  The kids got out and played on the playground while Megan prepared lunch and I fed the baby.  After lunch, a friend from church joined us!  We walked around the pond a bit and the kids fed the fish (with food purchased at the cave store for $.50 a bag). 

Then we went into the cave ($1.00 per person over age 4).  The temperature in the cave was quite a bit cooler than the outside air, and it felt wonderful on such a hot day! 

The entrance to the cave

Just before entering the cave (and this was the best shot I got!)
The kids had a great time looking around the cave, though they were worried about the mud (what kids don't like mud?!). 

Once the kids had thoroughly explored the cave (as best as they could without flashlights), we went outside to let the kids play in the canal between the pond and the swimming pool.  Now remember, the spring comes up from the cave.  It is quite cool and refreshing to drink, but to play in?!  It was very cold!  The kids splashed and played (taking no notice of the cold) until we needed to change clothes to head home.

Just before leaving, everyone filled their water bottles from the spring.  The kids (and especially Avalyn) thought it was the best water they had ever had!

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