Monday, July 13, 2015

Project 365: Week 28

After seeing Megan's word pictures last week, I must admit, I was a bit envious!  She did a great job!  I hope I did better this week, but I feel like I am stuck in the box and don't know how to get out.  I'll just keep trying, though.

I missed Sunday, but meant to take a picture of my Bible.  I made up for it on Monday.

In an attempt to take a quick picture of words for Monday, I took a picture of a note Adrian wrote on one of our white boards.

Tuesday: I took Keira to her hippotherapy.  This was on one of the trucks that hauls the horse trailers.

I missed Wednesday, so this was taken on Tuesday.  Adrian and I had a take out dinner date.  He ordered Yu Shiong Chicken.  We got a kick out of how the restaurant abbreviated it!

Thursday: We went to Cave Spring, GA.  I'll post more about that trip in a park hopping post.

Friday: Keira wrote a letter to her cousin.

Saturday: Keira with her bike.

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  1. Those are good! I didn't like the ones around my house as much from this past week, but I did like the ones from our drive. Plus most of my seven pictures were taken in two days! Feels like cheating when I do that!