Monday, December 21, 2015

Project 365: Week 48

November was an interesting month!  Unfortunately, Kyle struggled with asthma throughout the whole month.  Adrian and I slept like we do with a newborn, very little!  But despite the struggles and concerns for Kyle, the month as a whole was very good.  I enjoyed the calmer pace that having sick ones required.
Now December is in full swing and we are eagerly awaiting our Christmas break.
This post will bring us almost to the end of November and is from Nov. 22 - 28.

Sunday: I am thankful for medication to help when us heal when we are sick.  I am especially thankful for breathing medication as we have had several kids with breathing troubles over the years.

Monday: I am thankful for friends who brought us meals while the kids were sick so that I could focus my time on the kids.  (We had several friends bring us meals, but I only took pictures of one of the meals.)

 Tuesday: Though it is hard to see, there is a rainbow in this picture.  I am thankful for God's promises and especially the beautiful reminders of them.

Wednesday: I am thankful for so many hands willing to help!  Just before Thanksgiving, Avalyn and Mercy made a pecan pie, Kyle made fudge, and Keira and Sophia were picking out pumpkin seeds to roast.

Thursday: Thanksgiving day!  I didn't take any pictures.  Adrian took a couple of pictures of the food.  We had most of my family at our house and had a really nice time!  I am thankful for family, especially extended family that we can enjoy and spend time with.  (This picture of Mercy is over exposed and slightly out of focus, but I love her sparkling eyes and her radiant smile anyway!)

Friday: I am thankful for my kids love of learning.  Mercy was working on learning how to read, though she may have been more interested in the fun noise the pen made.

Saturday: I am thankful for bikes, gorgeous days to ride, and a beautiful neighborhood to ride in.

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