Friday, December 25, 2015

Warm Memories

Now that my mystery project has been received by the recipient, my grandma, I can share it's story!
When my Gpa died several years ago, I asked my grandma to give me some of his shirts so that I could make a quilt for her.  She sent me some of Gpa's (her second husband) shirts and a couple of shirts from Grandpa Horton (her first husband).  I cut the shirts up and made up a plan/design for the quilt, then I got pregnant.  Time past and I didn't get back to it until this fall. 
I really worked hard on the quilt as I wanted to get it to my grandma so she would get the chance to use it!  The plan changed several times.  A couple of times just for the sake of time and a couple times because the quilt didn't like what I had planned for it!

Here is the quilt top and back folded up together.

The back laid out on the floor.  The gold fabric is from a sheet, and had a beautiful drape and felt like satin.  It was beautiful to work with!

The basted quilt!

All finished with a label!  I had originally intended to sew a lot of pockets from the shirts all over the back of the quilt and to name the quilt pocket full of memories.  But as I laid the pockets out on the back, it just looked awful!  I asked Adrian's his opinion.  He usually just goes with whatever I say, but he agreed that the pockets all over didn't work.  I chose one pocket that was light in color and matched the back and used just the one pocket for my quilt label.  I sewed it on so that it can still be used as a pocket!

Folded haphazardly, showing the blue binding.   The blue was used for a second border on the back of the quilt.

The quilt top!  I used a large fence rail pattern.  I had never worked with clothing like this, and I learned a lot of what not to do.  I still think this quilt turned out lovely.
I had originally planned to make this a lap quilt.  When all the blocks were finished and I was laying it out, I realized that I just needed two (I think) extra blocks to make a twin, so I scrounged together two more and went with a twin size.  I usually like to make oversized twins, but I didn't have enough for that.  I was happy to get a standard twin so that my grandma can use it on her bed or the bed in the spare room.

As is fairly common, I really LOVE the back of this quilt!  (I almost always like the back as much, if not more than the front of my quilts.  You think I would learn to make the backs first!)  Thought you can't see it in this picture, there is a small inner border of green, between the shirts and the blue border. 

I packaged the quilt in the only box that I could find that was big enough, a diaper box.  When my grandma opened the package, she got a good laugh thinking that I had sent her diapers!  Then she immediately started crying when she saw the quilt!
I really enjoyed working on this quilt.  I thought about the people who wore the clothes, I thanked God for them in my life and in the life of my grandma.  I prayed for my grandma.  I prayed that this quilt would bring her good memories and that it would keep her warm and happy!

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  1. Something so wonderful about quilts is the reaction from the recipients.

    Visiting you from the Crazy Mom Quilts linkup.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I saw your post on crazy mom, too! I love what you do with your upcycled clothes.

  2. What a meaningful quilt for your Grandma, I'm sure she loves it! The back is cool too, it's a whole other quilt!

  3. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Memories. So glad you got that quilt made for Grandma. God hears our prayers and will answer. Your Grandma is very blessed! What a beautiful quilt! Thank you.