Saturday, December 26, 2015

Project 365: Week 50

Oh my goodness!  Do you see that title?!  Week 50.  That means only two more weeks of the year!  I can not believe that we are so close to the end of the year.  Well, this week's photos are for dates Dec. 6 - Dec. 12.
This week, I didn't pick up my camera until Tuesday!  I am looking forward to the end of this project, but I am trying to remember to finish well (something I'm not good at).

Sunday: This Christmas ornament is a bell from our wedding!  I am thankful for this little reminder of such special occasion.  I am thankful for my parents for indulging me and buying these for our wedding favors.  Bells have a special place in my heart because of these.  The bells for our wedding came in 6 or 8 different shapes, all about the same height as this one.  Each shape made a unique sound and all of the sounds are beautiful!

Monday: Another miss, but made up for later in the week.  This pretty little flowers are growing outside the new reptile house in Zoo Atlanta.  I am thankful for such delicate and intricate pictures of God's handiwork.  Can you imagine trying to make something so small and fragile, but strong enough to hold up to the conditions of the outdoors?  While I was trying to take a picture of these little flowers, the wind kept blowing them around, and I was just amazed again at God's creativity.

Tuesday: Sophia and her twirling ribbon.  I am thankful for this bundle of energy!

Wednesday: At the zoo, Patrick started to notice more of the animals.  Here is a picture of a turtle floating from the top of the tank down to the ground.  Patrick watched it descend right in front of him.  I am thankful for these small pleasures as seen through the eyes of my children.

Thursday: This picture day was also a miss.  (I did really poorly this week!)  This picture is from Saturday.  I left the house early and ended up driving in dense fog!  I am thankful for God's protection on the roads.  If you have never driven in Atlanta, traffic is terrible, and Atlantan's like to drive fast.  I am also thankful for a diversity of weather.  As much as I do not like cold weather, I love the change of seasons and the opportunity for different types of precipitation.  I haven't quite gone as far as my children in praying for snow, but I would love to see more than a dusting this year!

Friday: I am thankful for small chances to sew.  I really like putting fabric together and matching colors and patterns to make something pretty and useful.

Saturday:  I thankful for the chance to learn more about self-defense.   I was out early to take a class on guns: how they work and how best to use them.  Much of the information I already knew, but it was good to find out what I didn't know and what I need to work on and think about.

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