Friday, March 25, 2016

Donuts for Rewards

A few years ago I read about finding ways to reward children when they do good things.  We decided that an inexpensive and fun reward was donuts!  The kids really love this, and work hard to earn them!  Now they don't get donuts just for a good test or one job well done, but for finishing their math for the year, or learning to tie their shoes, or learning how to use the bathroom.  Mercy is currently waiting to go get her treat, but we haven't found the time yet!  In the past couple of weeks, Sophia and Kyle earned donuts.

Sophia learned how to tie her shoes!   
She couldn't wait to eat her donut while I took her picture.

The wind kept making it hard for Sophia to eat her donut.

Kyle finished reading GA Henty's With Lee in Virginia!  Henty books are substantial books with a large variety of vocabulary.  Kyle was really excited to get the specialty donut from Krispie Kreme.

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