Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gibb's Garden

{This is a very picture heavy post!}
Adrian and my birthday are 2 days (and a couple of years) apart.  As a birthday present, Adrian's parents told us they would take us to Gibb's Garden when the daffodils were in bloom.  So last week, we made the trip.  It was so beautiful!
A couple of years ago, we had a membership to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  We couldn't help comparing the two gardens, but they are very different.
Gibb's Garden felt more like wandering through someone's backyard, albeit  a VERY large backyard cultivated to perfection.  But it was relaxing and quiet.  Atlanta Botanical Garden felt more like something new and different was planted in every corner and along every path.  It is very pretty, but not relaxing in the same way.
Gibb's Garden was very beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful.  One of my favorite parts was the stream that ran through the lower part of the garden.  The fields of daffodils were amazing!  Can you imagine 20 million daffodils?  I couldn't have before seeing it in person.  They were more beautiful than I could imagine.  Mr. Gibbs had a vision for the gardens and spent 32 years planning and cultivating it before opening the gardens to the public!  That is vision!  If we all had that kind of vision in our Christian life and focused on becoming more like Christ, what could we do in 32 years?
I didn't realize that the Gibbs family actual live on the grounds of Gibb's Garden.  They allow visitors to wander through the valley gardens and the manor house gardens and actually sit on their porch to see the view from their home!
We walked more than I expected and much of it was up and down hills, so if you go, prepare for the exercise.

Even the path markers are pretty!

This little girl and her curls just make me smile!

I was amazed to see all the daffodils.  I especially liked seeing them growing among the trees.

A small section of daffodils had been trampled (assumingly so people could take pictures among the daffodils), so we took advantage of the spot and took a couple of pictures of the kids.  They weren't the most cooperative, but it is still nice to have all of them together.

I love all the variety of daffodils.

I think the yellow on yellow daffodils are my favorite, but I do like the lighter and darker ones as well!

 Once we left the daffodil fields, we moved towards the manor house gardens.

We thought this would make a great sledding hill!

 This is the view from the Gibbs' porch!  I wouldn't mind waking up seeing this every morning!

Walking back towards the valley gardens, this is the view up towards the house!  Spectacular!

What a cute little owl near the Japanese garden!

Mercy likes the turtle.

in the background you can see the bridge modeled after Monet's bridge.  I liked the little sculpture on the island.

Overall, the day was perfect!  The weather was gorgeous and the gardens were magnificent.  I would love to go back when all the leaves are on the trees and see how the gardens look different.  Maybe one day!

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