Monday, March 7, 2016

Project 365: Week 9

This week has seen us still sick.  We seem to be getting better, but not fully over the cough we have.  It was another week with many things to do and unexpected challenges, but through it all the Lord is faithful and good.  This post is for the week of February 28 - March 5.

Sunday: As often happens, I did not take a picture on Sunday.  We all stayed home from church as we all have a cough.  It was a restful day even though we were all not feeling our best.
This picture is from Friday when I took my camera to the chiropractor. He have a beautiful garden in the back and beautiful flower beds in the front.  As I was leaving the chiropractor's, I thought I'd take a picture of a couple of daffodils, but I ended up liking their shadow better!
I don't know if it is just me or if all people are like me, but I didn't really start to notice different types of flowers until the last several years.  I feel like a grew up oblivious to the small colorful beauties all around me.  Now I almost think of it as a game to see if I can find some bit of color where ever I am.  I am grateful to the Lord for opening my eyes to another aspect of his creation and how beautifully he designed his world!

Monday: LEAP DAY!!!  Last leap day, we made a time capsule package.  Avalyn was the most excited about opening it up and seeing what we had written.  But with dentist appointments in the morning, we didn't get to our Leap Day activities until the afternoon.  I had all the kids fill out an about me page and a couple of other printables to put into a new time capsule.  Then we measured heights and weights and hands and put everything into a new package.  After that we opened the old capsule.  The last Leap Day, Kyle was 3, just a bit older than Mercy is now!  We were also a family of 6!  We all enjoyed seeing how much the children had grown and changed, and now we can anticipate the next Leap Day and see how the Lord has blessed us through the next 4 years.
 I am thankful for planning ahead!  I am terrible at making a plan and following it.  I am working on that, but in this circumstance, I remembered and planned and we all enjoyed the results.

Tuesday: Patrick found the pots and pans!  He had a great time playing in the cabinet with all the pots and pans.  I am thankful for small joys.  This little guy shows us the world through eyes that are astonished at everything.  It is a pleasure to enjoy the world with him.

Wednesday: Keira, Sophia, and Mercy set up the blocks as a track for their cars.  Keira even made a little arch for her cars to go through.   I am thankful for the kids playing together.  There are many days where the kids argue and fuss until all I want to do is put them each in their own room.  But often, they play together well enjoying the thoughts and creativity of the others.  I love seeing how they feed off each other in creative ways.

Thursday:  I took two of the kids to school, but I returned home with the others to rest a bit and to keep our coughing kids away from other children.  At the end of the day, I grabbed some fabric to through together something for the February challenge for the #mightylucky quilting club.  I couldn't figure out how to make a collage easily in gimp, so here are three pictures of what I was playing with.  The last picture is more like what I will sew together.  The challenge is called minimalist improv.  Do these colors and layout bring anything to mind?  I want to know if you see what I see.
I am thankful for challenges that help me learn new things.  I wish I saw all of life this way, but the Lord is not through with me yet.  So hopefully I can apply this lesson to my life more gracefully than I have in the past.

 Friday: Patrick seems to have taken an interest in cruising around the furniture and pushing our chairs around the kitchen.  We decided to give him our little shopping cart to push.  We have used this for all of our children to learn to walk, and like the others, he loved it!  Every picture I took of him, he had his mouth open "talking" and squealing with delight!  Oh, the delight on his face!  I am so thankful for that!

Saturday:  Megan and I had been planning to baste Mercy's quilt at the church a week ago Thursday while the kids were in classes.  I didn't feel well that day, so the quilt just sat waiting.  I had hoped to baste it this past Thursday, but again, didn't stay at the church during classes, and interestingly enough, neither did Megan.  Adrian offered to help me baste the quilt, so we laid it out in the dining room on  Saturday to baste it.  This quilt is HUGE!  It filled almost the whole room.  But I still love it as much as ever, and I look forward to quilting it.  I took a couple of sets of us basting the quilt, but as is typical, I couldn't stop making faces at the camera.  This picture is my favorite, even though neither of us are fully in the frame.  In it, I had decided to attack Adrian and see if I could knock him over.  Since he was already kneeling, I didn't get very far!
 I am thankful for my husband supporting me in my hobby and helping with a big task like basting this giant of a quilt!

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