Monday, March 21, 2016

Project 365: Week 10

My how the weeks fly by!  We had colds, and then asthma, and other odd illnesses.  I guess that is the nature of children, and especially a lot of children!  This is for the week of March 6 - 12.

Sunday: I had to stay home from church again, but I got to see these too play together!  I am thankful for sibling love.  Watching the relationship between my different children is wonderful.  They each play with others in different ways and enjoy the interactions they have.

Monday:  Sophia wanted to read to Mercy.  I am thankful for Sophia learning to read!  What a wonderful world reading opens up to us!  I love Mercy being goofy and Sophia being crazy.  These two are quite the pair.

Tuesday:  I have taken many pictures of this tree.  It is outside of Keira's speech therapy.  I have enjoyed watching it change and blossom.  I am thankful for Keira's speech therapist.  She is working with Keira on several sounds, and Keira is improving all the time!

Wednesday:  I missed Wednesday.  Going back, I am not even sure what I was doing or why I missed it!  Oh, well.  This picture is from Thursday.  Megan and I took pictures of a quilt that we made together for a friend who is having her first baby.  I almost like the back better than the front!  The red is a nice rich color and the variegated thread just makes the back iridescent!  I am thankful for being able to learn how to sew and quilt and to be able to use my skill to make pretty things for my family and friends.

Thursday: The kids love to jump on their trampoline.  I asked Keira to see if she could bring her knees up while jumping.  She did a great job, and made funny faces!  I am thankful for Keira's many silly faces, and that she loves to make them!

Friday: Megan and I went to a quilt show.  I was disappointed overall!  Megan and I went to the same show about 6 years ago, and I remember more booths and more modern fabrics.  This time, it seemed to be several booths selling fat quarters all sorted by color and the rest of the booths selling sewing machines, notions, or patterns.  I was really hoping to see some of the new fabric lines in person and possibly some interests quilts on display.  We saw the quilts that were a part of the contests, but weren't real enthusiastic about them.  Probably 90% or more were appliqued, which I am not really interested in.  But as we wandered around the booths, we saw more quilts that we did like.  The picture for today is the favorite quilt that Megan and I saw.  I may try to figure out how to make it as I love the colors and the design.
I am thankful for learning and growing.  I pray that I know more tomorrow than I know today, and that the Lord sanctifies me more and more each day.

Saturday: I planted a little bush in a bonsai pot.  We will see where this goes, but I look forward to seeing if I can help this little plant grow and thrive in a pot.  I also have hope that I can plant a few more in the next few days.  I am thankful for God's nature and this small opportunity to take dominion of this little bush!

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