Monday, February 16, 2015


The county library system had a class for LEGO WeDo class.  We signed Avalyn up for it and her cousin joined her.  They had a great time building and programming!

Waiting for the class to start.

Working together to build their first creation.

Programming their lion.

The kids' lion.

Avalyn was very excited when they got the lion to sit up!

Programming their alligator.

Cute little alligator!


  1. This is really great!!! And it's also great they got to do it together! Methinks I should check out our library offers! :)

    1. They had a great time with it, and it renewed Avalyn's love for legos! The library said this was the first time they had done this kind of class, but that they hope to do more in the future. They also said that they had several sets of legos, one geared for little kids, this one, and one geared for older kids.