Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 6: 365 Project

So this post is quite a bit late.  I got a little discouraged with my pictures and just the trouble I was having actually picking up my camera to take pictures!  Hopefully I'll get over it and keep moving forward.

So for Jan 31: I didn't take any pictures as it was the Lord's Day.

On Feb. 1, I decided to start a new photo challenge.  I found it on pinterest years ago!  It is from Amanda Braswell.  Here it is.  I didn't feel like the list fit what kind of pictures I try to take or what I really want to do.  After trying it for only a couple of days, I didn't look at it again.

February 1: A street

It was raining and this was as close to our street as I could get without getting wet!

February 2: A stranger

How about a stranger's car?!

February 3: Lunch

Making toastadas for my kids is quite the task!

February 4: Light
I missed this day and this is where I started not really following the challenge any more.

February 5: Dark

I love these little hands!

February 6: Texture
Another miss.

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