Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Project 365: Week 38 Vacation Edition

Taking pictures is never hard on vacation!  There is always something interesting to see and capture, and not much else to distract or require attention.  Between Adrian and I, we took over 2,000 pictures for the week!  I pruned them down to just over 800, but that is still a lot of pictures!  This is for the week of September 13.

Sunday: The view from our condo.

Monday: Underneath the pier

And since I couldn't pick just on for Monday, this is from the National Naval Aviation Museum.

Tuesday: The Blue Angels!

Wednesday: The water tower during sun rise

Thursday: The eastern sky during sunset

Friday: We went to Culver's for a lunch of ice cream!  They had a bicycle shaped bike rack. (Again I had trouble choosing just one picture!)

Saturday: Cotton!  I hadn't seen cotton growing since I was little, so when we saw a cotton field, we stopped to show the kids what cotton looks like before it becomes fabric.

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