Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vacation: In the Ocean

Almost every year, we visit Hilton Head for a family vacation.  My parents and our family LOVE Hilton Head, and specifically Sea Pines, because of how tranquil it is and all the bike trails through the live oaks and spanish moss.  But this year, Megan and her family invited us to come to Florida with her family.  So we all gathered in Navarre Beach for a week of fun on the gulf.
We stayed in a condo on the 11th floor!  I was more than a little bit nervous with all the little kids and the balcony and inner atrium.  Thankfully all the kids listened well and were careful around the railings.
On Saturday, we only had time to unpack and eat dinner before the sunset.  We visited an OPC church in Pensacola on Sunday.  Then after lunch, we headed to the beach.  The green flag was waving, and the ocean looked as clear and as calm as a swimming pool!  All the kids, including Mercy, loved being in the water.

Monday, we walked down the beach to the pier.  We took some pictures of the bottom of the pier and of the kids under the pier.

The yellow flag was out, but all the kids wanted to play in the water again.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were Red Flag days.  The difference in the waves for each day was interesting, and some of the time didn't seem like they were that rough.  We kept the kids out of the ocean unless they went in with an adult.

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