Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project 365: week 39

Being so far behind, is really getting to me!  Maybe that will spur me on to get caught up, but it may just let me walk away and never get caught up.  We will see which way it goes.  This post is for the week of Sept. 20 - 26.

I didn't do well taking pictures this week.  I didn't even take enough pictures to make up for the days that I missed.

Sunday: This was taken on Wednesday of Patrick reaching for a toy.

Tuesday: Keira horseback riding

Wednesday: Patrick playing on the floor

Friday: Keira used her wiki sticks to make a lion.  She did a great job copying the picture!

Saturday: Seeing Gma for the first time this year.  The kids were dancing a jumping and moving so much that I resorted to turning on the flash.

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