Thursday, January 21, 2016

Building a Window Seat

Over the Christmas break, Adrian and a friend built a window seat between two built in bookcases in our family room.  Adrian and John planned the seat, built the frame, and cut all the pieces.  Then Adrian spent a couple of days sanding all the pieces, then conditioning and staining them.  Finally he installed the seat.  It has been a great addition to our family room!  The kids love using it to put together puzzles and for doing their school work. 

Framing out the space:

John and Avalyn supervising,  while Adrian works hard on the frame.

Patrick helping make sure everything is level.

The pocket holes look so neat!

Making sure the top fits and lays flat.

Avalyn helps to stain all the pieces of wood.

The wood conditioner and the stain smelled terrible!  Fortunately, the temperature was warm enough to have the windows open and the fans on to ventilate the room.

Kyle and Adrian staining the wood.

Assembling the window seat, all the kids get in on the action.

Adrian had to get inside the window seat to install part of it!

Attaching the hinge.

The finished window seat!

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