Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Project 365: Week 53

The end of the project has come!  I am surprised that it took me this long to post this last time, but here it is, better late than never.

Sunday: I caught Mercy waking up from her nap.  Mercy Rosie bought the green turtle the day after Christmas at the same time Captain Cook joined our family.  She promptly named him Green Stuff.  I am thankful for her sweet voice and happiness.

Monday: Kyle and Captain Cook like to ride in the car together.  They sit very close so that Kyle can keep Captain Cook safe.  I am thankful for Kyle's imagination and fun story telling. (I like this little bit of a self portrait.)

Tuesday: I am thankful for my wonderful husband who took a good bit of his time off to build this window seat.  It is a great addition to our family room!  (I am also thankful for these five crazy kids.)

Wednesday: I am thankful for this happy smiling blue eyed baby.  He is a joy!

Thursday: Captain Cook popped up to inspect the work on Avalyn and Kyle's castle.  He wanted to help, but found that his flippers were too short to really work with the LEGOs.  I am thankful for LEGOs and there many creative uses!

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