Thursday, January 28, 2016

Captain Cook Comes to Live with Us

The day after Christmas, we went to the Game and Calendar store at the mall because they put everything 50% off.  We found some neat games to try throughout the next year!  I also got our 2016 calendar.  While looking around, Kyle found a large penguin stuffed animal.  Penguins are Kyle's favorite animal, so Kyle quickly decided to adopt him.  Upon arriving at home, we spent some time trying to decide what our penguin's name should be.  Kyle decided that our penguin would be named Captain Cook.
Captain Cook is a very curious creature.  He has loved exploring and seeing new things.  So look I hope that you will look forward to hearing about his adventures with Kyle in the weeks to come.

Captain Cook wants to know if this place will be suitable for him to take up his residence.

He waits patiently at the door hoping to be invited inside.

Kyle sees Captain Cook and tries to talk with him!

Upon opening the door, Kyle asks Captain Cook if he would like to come in.

Captain Cook was a little hesitant to come into a house so full of children, so Kyle picks him up and reassures him that it will be fine.

Kyle snuggles with the Captain to help him feel safe in his new home.

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