Friday, January 1, 2016

Random Pictures from November

These are just a few pictures that didn't have a place in bother posts.  I just wanted to share these random pictures.

This is the route that I take to Keira's speech therapy every week.  I LOVE this view down the hill to the bridge over the Chattahoochee and then back up past the flood plain and the neighborhoods.  The colors are exquisite every morning.  The greens and grays and blues all laid out in front of me.  I just love this section of my drive, even with the bumper to bumper traffic.

Adrian was trying to take a picture of a rash on Patrick's cheeks.  Patrick kept turning his head to smile at Adrian!

Patrick gets his first ride in the trailer!  Mercy is very excited to go for a ride with Patrick.

Adrian is all ready for the ride.  Dylan runs beside him as he rides, and the little kids are in tow.

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