Friday, January 29, 2016

End of the Year Photos

As we come to the end of the year and the photo challenge, I am happy that I did it.  I am secretly planning to continue, but without the pressure of telling everyone. :)  We will see how far I get since I fell into several slumps during this challenge.  I am happy to look back and see our activities and what I was interested in during the year.  I hope to continue to chronicle our family even if I don't complete another 365.
Here are some pictures that really didn't fit in any other post.

I overexposed Sophia while she was playing with the ribbon dancer.  I was really pleased with these two pictures because of her facial expressions.

Keira got new glasses.  Even though they look a little big in this picture, they fit her well.  We let her get a new pair of glasses because the eye doctor said that she could stop wearing her eye patch!  That was a great mile stone!

We let the kids open their stocks first thing on Christmas morning.  Even Patrick got in on the action!

The intelliglobe was a gift from the kids' great Aunts.  They LOVE it!  Kyle has learn a lot of geography since getting it, and Keira and Sophia have learned about different styles of music.

Oh December 29th, we had an appetizer dinner.   Avalyn and I chose the menu and we put together all sorts of things to sample and enjoy.

Patrick makes many cute faces.  He has started scrunching up his nose when he smiles!  I love it!

Another gift from the kids' great Aunts was a telescope.  It has rained a lot since Christmas, so we haven't gotten to use it much.  But on a clear night, Adrian took it out and set it up so the kids could get a chance to use it.  (I was really pleased with this picture because it was so dark outside I could barely see Adrian!  The camera saw him better than I did!)

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