Saturday, January 23, 2016

Projected 365: Week 2

I'm not so upset with missing days so far in this project.  I missed Sunday and Thursday, but made up for it later in the week.  I was thinking about my thankfulness posts and who I am thankful to.  As a Christian, I am not thankful to an ambiguous universe, but to a personal loving God.  I that I have and all that I am comes from his hand.  I am thankful for him and to him.

Sunday: I missed Sunday, but made it up on Monday.  I am thankful for the Ergo, and my baby that enjoys being carried in the backpack.

Monday: Kyle made a nice ramp for his cars.  He and Captain Cook enjoyed rolling the cars down the ramp.  I am thankful for cars and lines and little boys!

Tuesday: I made Muffalata sandwiches after buying That Pickle Guy Olive Muffalata mix at Costco.  It is such wonderful stuff.  We first started eating the mix with crackers as an evening snack.  Then I researched where the mix came from and came across sandwiches.  I made them once and was addicted!  So I made these Muffalatas to take on a field trip.  I am thankful for such good food!  God is good to provide so many wonderful varieties of food. 

Wednesday: We went to the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA.  It was awesome seeing a U2 and an SR-71.  We went with Adrian's parents and got to see two planes that his mother flew in while in the RAF: the Canberra and the Phantom.  I am thankful for the opportunity to go to these kinds of places and to get to see this history with Adrian's mother who was involved with some of it!

Thursday: I missed Thursday after such a busy day on Wednesday and school on Thursday, taking pictures was more than I could do. This pictures is obviously from the museum.  When we pulled into the parking lot, I saw the shadow of this plane and wanted to get a picture of it.  While the others headed to the picnic tables, I ran over to the entrance to take this picture.  I am thankful for my kids interest in museums.  They enjoyed walking around and seeing the different plans and learning about their roles in our military.

Friday: Keira gathered Patrick up to look out the window.  When he saw me, he smiled!  I am thankful for a big sister who loves her brother!

Saturday: It was cold enough to snow, so I made cinnamon rolls!  I got to use my grandmother's rolling pin.  Every time I use it I think about my G'ma and am thankful for her.

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