Thursday, June 11, 2015

DreamQuest Fun Day

Keira has been taking therapeutic horseback riding lessons for about 2 years now.  She has flourished through it!  On May 16th the company she rides with, DreamQuest, had a fun day for their students to get to show off what they had learned over the last year.

Keira getting ready to ride:

I love her petite hands!

The riders competed in a relay race, but as there were only 3 riders, one of the volunteers riding a toy pony was Keira's partner.

Keira gets a good start on the race!

She has the horse shoe and has to carry it back to the barrel to win.

 Next they had to toss a ball back and forth with their side walker.

Then the riders tossed the balls into a basketball net.

 Keira loved the jousting!

 Keira stood up on her horse!

All the riders got ribbons for their efforts.

Keira was in the second group to ride and we got to stay to watch several of the other groups.  It is neat watching these kids (and some adults) with disabilities of different levels riding horses.  They get so much out of it, not just the enjoyment of being on a horse, but the physical strength that they gain, the mental connections, and satisfaction of accomplishing something.  Keira looks forward to learning how to do more and more on horseback.  Thank you Jackie, and all the others at DreamQuest for all you do!

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