Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Park Hopping: Jones Bridge Park

Almost directly across the river from the CRNRA Jones Bridge Unit, is Jones Bridge Park.  It is managed by the Gwinnett County Park system, but isn't your standard park.  The park has an older feel too it, and some interesting features.  It has a large playground with a small wall surrounding the area with only one entrance.  That is a great feature for me as I try to keep my eyes on 5 kids while feeding the sixth!  There is also an open field, a couple of pavilions, and best of all stairs down into the river!
The stairs down to the Chattahoochee are near some shoals, so the water isn't too deep.  At least when the Army Corp of Engineers aren't releasing water from Lake Lanier, the water was at a good depth for the kids to play in a small protected area.  Even Mercy got in on the fun for a few minutes!  The kids said that the water was very cold.  The dam releases water from the bottom of Lake Lanier, so the tempurature of the river is always cold, even during the hottest parts of the summer.

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