Sunday, June 7, 2015

Project 365: week 23

This week, I picked up the camera quite a bit.  Adrian also took some pictures, so I'll try to post those later. 

Sunday: I didn't take a picture on Sunday, but made up for it later in the week.

Monday: I was trying to get a picture of Mercy with her "baybain" (translated: blanket).  I didn't get what I was looking for, but got some cute pictures anyway.

 Tuesday: We went to a neat park on Tuesday with my sister, Megan and her kids.  This was one of the first sights was saw!  I played with the shutter speed and got this nice picture!

Wednesday: I wanted to get a picture of Mercy with her doll because Avalyn had put some of Mercy's clothes on the doll.  I like this picture the best, though!

Thursday: Avalyn and Sophia had well checks at their new pediatrician .  On the way home, we got stuck in terrible traffic and had to stop to feed Patrick.  Avalyn and Sophia played in the parking lot while they waited for Patrick to be done.

Friday: Kyle's Birthday! We let the kids play with sparklers as it started getting dark.

Saturday: One of Kyle's birthday presents was a LEGO car 3 in 1 set.  He loves his cars and LEGOs!

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