Thursday, April 7, 2016

In a Second

How many things can we do in a second? In that time, we can start many things, but very few things can be started and completed in that span of time.  But it takes less than that time to pass from this life into eternity.
On March 24, we were driving home from school and partially witnessed a horrific motorcycle accident.  We did not see it happen, for which I am very grateful, but we were one of the first to stop.  The motorcyclist was on the ground barely hanging on to life.  Another mother and I knelt with him as I prayed that God would spare his life.  I found out the next day that he had been my neighbor and that he died of his injuries.
Rather than retell the horror of his injuries and what I saw, which mercifully are  starting to fade out of my constant memory, I want to share some of the thoughts I have had since the accident.
I have been thinking about how this man (who was just 20 years old) lived next to me for the past 11 years, and I barely knew his name.  During that time we never really talked with him or his family.  We did not share Christ with him.  Now it is too late. Too late for him to hear as he is now in eternity.  Too late for me to share what Christ has done for us.
Until I knew that he was dead, I prayed that the man would survive and get the chance to hear about Christ.  I prayed for his mother (I suspected that it was my neighbor), sitting in a hospital waiting to hear if her son were dead.  I prayed that God would use this circumstance in my life and that of my children for His good. 
Since learning of his death, I have continued to pray for his family.  I learned at the funeral that they attend a church which gives them hope that he is in heaven.  I continue to pray that God will show himself to them more fully and that he will use us in their lives.  I continue to pray that God will use this accident in my life for his glory and that I will be more bold in sharing God's word with those around me.
For now, I have not made any changes or seen any changes, but I continue to pray and look for opportunities to share Christ with those he puts in my path.

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