Friday, April 15, 2016

Sewing: March

This month was full of lots of activity and a broken sewing machine.  With that said, I didn't get much sewing done!

Megan and I finished the two baby quilts that we made during our Thursday sewing sessions.  I quilted the improv cog quilt in a loop-de-loop all over pattern in a varigated yellow.  It makes the back of the quilt look awesome!  Now that it has been given, I can say that I hope baby Matthew will love it and get much use out of it.

Megan quilted the pink stripes quilt.  In the horizontal sections, she quilted horizontal organic lines.  In the vertical section, she quilted vertical organic lines.  The binding is incredibly scrappy and ended up making sewing it on more difficult.  It is fun to see all the little bits in the binding, but I don't think we will make such a scrappy binding again!  This little quilt has been given to baby Amy who is due any time now.

The only other sewing I did in March was the piano key border for my Dr. Seuss wonky star quilt.  The top is finished!  I absolutely love it!  I don't know what I want to do with the back, so the top has just been sitting.  Hopefully something wonderful will come to me soon!  I would love to see this top as a completed quilt.

I started quilting Mercy's Groove quilt, but the sewing machine broke again!  Adrian fixed it, again, but I am now really nervous about using it.  I will work up to it, and maybe I'll get caught up on my mighty luck challenges in the mean time.

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