Monday, April 18, 2016

Project 366: Week 15

For some reason it felt hard to take pictures this week, though I think I took pictures every day but Sunday.  The week went well with starting school again.  And I just realized that I didn't write about what I was thankful for last week!  I will make sure that I do write about what I am thankful for this week.  This is for the week of April 10 - 16.

Sunday: I missed Sunday.  I am thankful for being able to go to church as a family!  Kyle is still dealing with asthma.  I can't even remember how many weeks it has been, but I made an appointment with pulmonologist in hopes of finding a way to help control his breathing.
This picture is from Monday.  Mercy was laying down taking a picture.  I love her happy laugh.

Monday: Patrick loves to play on the little scooter.  I brought it in the house so that he could climb on and off it as he wants.  I was trying to get a picture of him standing on it, when I got this picture.  I don't think it is in focus right, but I love it anyway.  I am thankful for little things that can keep the children happy.  Sometimes, I just need something other than me that can entertain the baby for a little bit.

Tuesday: I am thankful for potty trained children!  YEAH!!! Mercy is finally potty trained!  I took her to get a donut for Krispy Kreme as a small reward for learning how to go to the bathroom.  Mercy asked for a donut with sprinkles.  As we waited in line to get our donuts, I told her I saw a donut with pink frosting.  She was ecstatic.  When I noticed that it also had sprinkles, she was over the moon.  Mercy ate about half her donut, but then realized that her hands were sticky.  She asked if she could save the rest for later and wash her hands.  Mercy is the first child I have taken for a treat who didn't want to eat it all right away!

Wednesday:  We realized that the robin's nest has little hatchlings!  We have really enjoyed watching them and their parents.  I am thankful for getting to watch this part of God's creation so closely.

Thursday: I took a couple of pictures of Megan quilting!  I think she has only quilted in straight lines before, though she may have done a bit of pebble quilting.  Megan has always been nervous about any form of free motion quilting, but she bought a book with some design ideas in it to help get her started.  We flipped through the book to pick one that looked easy and not girly (she was making a water bottle carrier for Clayton).  She tried one that looked a bit like flames and did a great job!  I am thankful for this time on Thursdays to sew and plan and create.

 Friday: We finished the room swap cleaning and rearranging.  Patrick reclined against Avalyn's "cave" wall.  He loved lounging.  I am thankful for the excitement that rearranging creates.  The kids and I are very happy with the room swap and I hope that it will help them keep the rooms clean.

Saturday:  This is the ONLY picture I got on Saturday.  I was busy with all sorts of things, but mostly cooking.  I wanted to get a picture of Patrick walking, but this was all I got.  Just standing and not even looking at me!  I am thankful for this little guy starting to walk.  I love it when the baby walks.

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