Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yard Work, Before and After

After we went to Gibb's Garden with Adrian's parents, we worked in their backyard for a while to help clean up some of the encroaching woods.  Adrian's mom had already freed the playset from the woods, but Adrian cut the woods further back.  The kids and I drug all the tree branches into the woods.  The kids also used the leaf blower to clean the yard while I weeded around the bushes near the back porch.
We weren't satisfied with that work.  We really wanted to clean up the bushes in the front of the house.  This time, I remembered to take before and after pictures!

If you look closely, you can see the tree growing up beside the porch.  There were also many trees taking root among the bushes. 

Adrian and I enjoyed getting into the bushes and finding where each one stopped.  We were surprised to find that there were fewer bushes there than we expected!You could walk between all the bushes by the time we finished.  We need to go back now to see how it has greened up.  We hope that what we did helped and will make Adrian's parents' house look better for several years to come.

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