Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Project 366: Week 12

It just struck me that this year's photo project should be a 366 as it is leap year.  Yes, I am that slow sometimes!  But anyway, I have been taking pictures, though I haven't uploaded some in a while.  This post is for March 20 - 26.

Sunday: As is common, I didn't take any pictures on Sunday.  We haven't been to church as a family in weeks because of Kyle's asthma.  I am thankful for the streaming audio and video of the service.  It is nice to feel at least a part of the service even if we can't be there.
I took this picture of Keira at the chiropractor.  He has a really pretty garden behind the building and we enjoy walking through it when we go to see the chiropractor.

Monday:  Since we left a bit early for our chiropractor appointment, Keira and I stopped to read the historical marker in downtown Lawrenceville.  I am thankful for learning new things and finding interesting places.  I wish it was easier to find these markers so that we could learn even more interesting facts about places near us.  (You can click on the picture to actually read about Major William Simmons.)

Tuesday:  I took all the kids to Keira's horseback riding lesson as my mom was helping my older sister.  It was a gorgeous day!  Patrick enjoyed crawling around in the dirt and playing with sticks.  I am thankful for my happy boy!

Wednesday: I am thankful for easy and fun ways to decorate my house!  I found this idea on pinterest and finally got around making it.  Though this wreath is a bit small for our door, I love the color it adds.

Thursday: After school, Patrick crawled to the top of the driveway to watch the neighbor's lawncare people work.  He loves anything that makes noise and the louder the better!  I have several pictures of Keira and Patrick watching the lawn mower, but I love the expression on his face in this one!
I am thankful for God's protection on the roads.  As we drove home from school, on March 24, we partially witnessed a terrible motorcycle accident.  All it takes is one instant to go from being alive in this world, to being in the presence of God.

Friday: Megan and I took all the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium.  I loved this little terrarium with the fog over the water and the little salamander under the water.  I am thankful for field trips with my sister and her kids.  She helps the craziness of taking kids anywhere a bit easier!

Saturday: I forgot to take a picture on Saturday.  It was a very busy day!  I went to a baby shower and then visited my sister at the hospital.  (She had some complications from a surgery earlier in the week.)  I am thankful for all of these kids!  They are mostly well behaved when we go out together, and they love being together!

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