Saturday, April 16, 2016

Project 366: Week 14

The week of April 3 - 9th was Spring Break!  It kind of popped up on me, and I wasn't really prepared for it.  I think I was more excited than the kids to have a week of no school!  I sent the kids outside for most of two days, and they did art projects two days, and the last day, we visited some friends in South Carolina.
I managed to take pictures every day!
Sunday: We went to a friends' church to see the baptism of their new daughter.  It was interesting.  There church even has a church bell!

 Monday: I started the great room swap of 2016 (doesn't that make it sound impressive?!).  I pulled the cushie booster out of the closet for Mercy to use at the dinner table, and Patrick promptly claimed it as his own.

Tuesday: Avalyn built a ferris wheel with her straw construction kit.  She got the set for her birthday and has really enjoyed making interesting things with it.

Wednesday: I was really neck deep into the room swap, and this was the only picture I took!  I used the magic eraser to within an inch of it's life!  It really is magic because it got dirt, blood, and snot off the walls in the kids room.

Thursday: I had to take something to my sister's house.  I was determined to take a picture of something interesting while I was out.  I have had trees and the shape of trees on my mind a lot recently.  When I saw some neat trees, I stopped and took some pictures.  

Friday: What an interesting day.  It started early so that we could get on the road to visit our best friends in South Carolina.  Just as we crossed the border, the big white van (aka Moby Dick) made a loud POP and then a rhythmic popping sound. I quickly pulled over and called Adrian and then Sam (our church's handy man and car maintenance man and knows something about everything man).  We concluded that I needed to drive the car to a local repair shop to have it diagnosed.  That was an adventure!  Going 30 miles per hour on the interstate, even for a few miles, is hair raising!  But we got off the interstate, and stopped at Shelton's fireworks until we could determine what auto shop to go to.  Fortunately, we found one only 15 minutes away from where our friends were and only 6 miles from where we were.  We got the car to the shop and picnicked in their parking lot while they diagnosed the car.  The car had thrown a spark plug and they weren't sure how much damage it had done, but they ordered the parts and hoped to have it done before closing time at 5:30.
Emily came to pick us up and we spent the afternoon at the lake with our friends enjoying their company, the sun, and the house boat.
The auto shop repair the van for less than I expected, and had it ready by 5:30.  I drove home with no problems and arrived back just before 7.  It was quite the adventure, but not a bad day at all.

Saturday: Mercy got some play dough for her birthday and really loved playing with it.  She made a dash (Avalyn's robot).

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