Sunday, March 8, 2015

Adrian's 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 - 7

Adrian wanted to started a 365 project.  He started with the same photo challenge that I did.  He started well, but life happened, and he didn't get pictures every day.

March 1: Self Portrait

March 2: What you wear

 March 3: Clouds: Adrian missed this day, but made it up.  Anyway, it was so overcast on the 3rd that clouds would have been non-existent.

March 4: Something Green: I love the bokeh!

March 5: From a High Angle: This is a fiber optic light we used for a night light for the kids for a while.

March 6: From a low angle: Adrian took this cute picture of our crazy little girl, though it isn't for a low angle.

March 7: Fruit: He didn't manage to get a picture for the 7th.


  1. Exciting! You'll grow so much by doing a 365! :)

    1. Adrian has always loved photography and technology. They seem to merge in the DSLR, so he reads a lot about how it works and what to do. Now he hopes to put it into practice! The biggest problem is that I have to share my camera with him! :)