Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Therapeutic Riding

Keira has been taking horseback riding lessons for about a year and a half.  We started her with a company called DreamQuest because we really liked the instructor she would be working with.  About a week ago, I took her to the lesson and really enjoyed seeing my girl with her favorite horse, Merlin.

First Keira brushes Merlin and cleans his feet.

Then she walks him around the arena to make sure he is comfortable with her and that she is comfortable with him.  She looks so little beside him!

 She waits to mount him from a platform that makes it easier for her to get up on Merlin.

 Keira directs Merlin back and forth through the cones.

 She tries several times to get him to stop with all four hooves on the bridge.  Finally she manages on the last attempt, though Merlin didn't seem to want to stay on the bridge.

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