Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Cemetery

Keira loves to go with me to my midwife appointments.  She loves to "help" the midwife, and she also loves to stop to take pictures at cemeteries!  She keeps her eyes open and points out each time I pass one without stopping.  On our way home from the midwife last week, it was sprinkling, and I wasn't really keen on getting out of the car.  But Keira had a solution for that too.  She told me just to pull over and take a picture out the window!  I finally obliged her and stopped at a cemetery.  (There are more cemeteries where my midwife is than anywhere else I have ever seen!)
This cemetery is newer than I usually like, but I was really fascinated by some of the unusual grave stones.

One of the biggest reasons I like cemeteries is that I love to see the stories of people's lives.  I love their history.  Older cemeteries often have more information on the grave stones than more modern cemeteries.

This man appeared to be buried beside his son who died before him.  They both appeared to be in the military.  I have never seen statues like these on a grave before.  I wish that these grave stones had explanations about why these were important to this man and his family.

This fish was just laying on the ground on top of another grave.  Above the fish were three letters laying in an arc just under the head stone.  (I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole thing.)  Again I wish I knew the story about the meaning of these objects.

This head stone had three little dogs with a flag and a wind catcher and solar light.  Keira really wanted to see the dogs!

This is one of the grave stones that I found very interesting as it had a picture imprinted on it.  In the past, I have seen small pictures of the person who died or something like that, but nothing like this.  It made this stone beautiful and interesting.

Though you can't see what is on this grave stone, it had a laser cut picture of the woman who died with her name and birth and death along with a poem.  I hadn't seen a grave stone shaped like this or imprinted like this.  

Let me add that when I visit a cemetery, I try my best to be respectful.  It always seems to be a good time to reflect on life and on why death entered the world.  I try not to walk on any graves if possible. (In older cemeteries, it isn't always obvious where they are!)

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