Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cemeteries: Little - Terry Cemetery

On my way to and from Keira's speech therapy, I have seen a little cemetery.  It is very small, and nestled into an area fenced off by the Forsyth County Water and Sewer Department.  I have stopped twice to look at this little peaceful spot among the trees, and still would like to go back to look around a bit more.  Though it is a small cemetery, it is quite interesting because of the different types of markers and the overgrowth that is trying to take over the area.

I love that the boy scouts restored this cemetery.  I wish I saw it at that time, and I wish they would come back and restore it again!

There appear to be many hand made markers.  Some are obviously original, but I'm not sure if others were placed by the boy scouts or are original.

I would love to know the origin of all these little crosses, if the boy scouts placed them, or if they have been here since the death of those in the graves they mark.  I would love to know if they represent children, or just graves that were no longer marked by stones.  They look eerie in the foggy, overcast morning.

You can see the overgrowth everywhere.  Some are nice green weeds growing over stones, like in the picture above.  But other over growth is briars and tall weed grass.

As you can see this is a different day, with beautiful morning sunlight.  Even though the weeds threaten to swallow the little white crosses, they look peaceful among the green plants.

This fence is for Rev. Stephen Terry.  I assume he is one for whom the cemetery is named.

Reverend Terry's grave is surrounded by a stacked rock wall that had pretty purple flowers growing inside.

I could not read the writing on this fence.  I didn't have the time to search further to see if any head stones were inside the fence and if they could be read.  I hope to go back when it is a bit warmer and when I can spend a little more time finding out a little about the people who are buried here.

Look at how peaceful this little plot of ground is.  I love that it is tucked away among the trees.  You can't tell that it is just a stone's throw away (no pun intended) from McGinnis Ferry, a busy four lane thorough-fair and a soccer complex.

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